More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

People’s Health and Access to Opportunities Are Greatly Aided by Their Footwear

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Shoes are more than just a fashion accessory. People's health and access to opportunities are greatly aided by their footwear. Several charities and NGOs seek to provide shoes to those in need. Before learning about three groups that assist those who are unable to wear shoes, consider why being barefoot might be dangerous.

Around 300 million individuals worldwide cannot afford shoes. Because shoes are typically part of a school or work uniform, children and adults have a tougher difficulty acquiring an education or contributing to the home income if they don't have them.


Going barefoot also poses a multitude of risks, ranging from burns and damage to contracting a sickness or fungus. Any of these risks might have a detrimental influence on someone by keeping them unwell at home or in the hospital.

To begin with, a child who does not wear shoes is at risk of contracting severe illnesses from the ground. Furthermore, in areas where poverty is prominent, fighting chronic diseases might be difficult due to a lack of doctors and drugs. As a result, children must wear shoes as a matter of health.


Here are the reviews from the above organizations that donate shoes:

Through Daniella's effort to put 'The Shoe That Grows' on the feet of 500+ children in a village in Cambodia, these children's lives will be changed! This is amazing!

The Shoe Project is a way to learn of the stories behind the amazing, strong women who chose our country to come to. An inspiring experience I felt privileged to see.

Incredible shoe drive that helps so many people!! It takes a passionate crew to make it happen! Positive encouragement and helpfulness from a great mentor was key for success.

From the moment we contacted Funds2Orgs, through the end of our fundraiser, the company was completely professional and provided a wonderful experience for our organization...