Collection Guidelines for Canada

Shoe Bank Charity Collection Boxes

April is Shoe Bank Month in Canada. As we clear out the winter chill and get ready for spring the Shoe Bank Million Shoe Mission will have main distribution depot Centre’s in Kelowna, BC and Ottawa, Ontario.

You can help us sponsor a shoe drive by volunteering to collect and package shoes from your Canada location during the month of April.

To get started:

  1. Determine how many drop off locations you will have
  2. Contact us to get boxes and brochures from Shoe Bank Canada
  3. Shoes should be shipped using appropriate shipping vessels. Additionally, we recommend collecting money from local sponsors to help offset the fees of shipping the shoes to our warehouse in BC and Ontario.
  4. Any shoes collected locally throughout the rest of the year are the responsibility of the local collectors for collection and shipping to Canadian distribution centres.
  5. Use our Become a Drop Off Location form if you'd like to discuss becoming an official drop off location in Canada.