What Happens to My Shoes?

Maybe you’re wondering how the hi-tops or high heels you’ve just donated actually make their way to the soles of men, women and children in need.

Here's how it goes:

1. You donate your shoes to:
2. Your shoes are transported to:
3. Your shoes are strapped on to those in need when:
4.  Sometimes, that man or woman comes back a few days or weeks later to say:
  1. “Hey, I just wanted you to know I got job because of these shoes. And I’m really grateful.”
  2. “It’s just so nice to get around and do what I have to do in dry, comfortable shoes.”  
  3.  “My little boy loves his new runners. Doesn’t even want to take them off at bed!”
5. You've given someone a step up in life!

Together, with your shoes, we’ve just given girls and boys, men and women a chance to smile, lead healthier lives and maybe even break the cycle of poverty. Pretty cool, right?

Canadian Shoe Donations
Canadian Shoe Donations
Canadian Shoe Donations